Pure & Eco India magazine is India’s first and only publication focusing on organic and natural lifestyle. With fresh, indepth content and informative unprecedented features, Pure & Eco India lovingly spoonfeeds beneficial knowledge to the everyman packaged in artisanal content and design.

Along with consumer-centric features, Pure & Eco India offers the latest market-specific trends and reports, aspiring to become a reference point for the organic industry in south Asia, as well as, the global organic trade industry at large. 

The quarterly is circulated both in domestic and export markets and participates in key international events such as BIOFACH in Nuremberg and BIOFACH INDIA.

The mission of Pure & Eco India
TM is multipronged and comprises the following:

♦ To promote natural living in the country by educating consumers on the innumerable virtues of employing organic, environment friendly and natural products and practices in everyday life.

♦ To help garner support for organic farmers and organic farming.

♦ To bolster domestic and international trade by providing vital business information on domestic and international markets.

To aid India in become a truly green nation—a model of wellness, eco consciousness, and sustainability—through contemporary, informative content, delivered to a widespread readership.