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Body Shop Helps Endangered Animals!

Each purchase at The Body Shop will now go towards helping isolated endangered animals in rainforests find mates to repopulate Consumers can now help isolated endangered animals in the forests of Vietnam and ...
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Body Shop’s Amazing New Store

 Juxtaposing its 10th anniversary in India, naturally-inspired global beauty brand, The Body Shop, has unveiled a new design at its ‘Asia Fit Store' in Gurugram. With this store, the brand offers a heightened p...

Innovation in Rain Water Harvesting

By Dr Subramanya Krishna BhatAmidst the current water crisis being witnessed globally, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) could be our oasis in the desertAlmost all the water found on Earth’s surface (about 97...
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Slow Food Festival In Meghalaya

Sponsored by the Meghalayan Government, The Christensen Fund, FA,UN, EU and Brot German, ITM 2015 witnessed participation of 650 delegates from 140 indigenous tribes hailing from 58 countries of the worldBy...
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