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Why You Shouldn’t Follow the Crowd

By Simona RichIt's very natural for people to learn by example and make choices that are tried and tested by others. But such an attitude towards life should not be blindly adopted because if you do what th...
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Yoga Will Make You Live Longer Than Gymming

by Dr Supriya Mahajan Sardana, MD (In the picture: Sharanya Narayanan; photo by Vinod Ravindranathan)The word ‘yog(a)’ denotes the union between Jivaatma and Parmaatma (the individual soul and supreme soul,...

Minimalism: Bare-ly living

A growing minority of people are shunning consumerism and embracing material sparseness, believing ‘Less is More’ By Athar ParvaizA pair of shoes.Two pairs of jeans.Half a dozen kurtas.These...
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Health, Healing and Chakras

By Darpan KaurWe are made up of millions of little wheels of energy, which coalesce into seven major Chakras‘Chakra’ is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and in metaphysical terms, it refers to the wheels o...
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From Tamas to Sattva – My Journey

By Bijay J AnandKundalini Yoga teacher, Bijay J Anand, was a chain smoker who loved his alcohol, had a legendary temper and loved gambling till he embraced Sattva and expelled Tamas from his life Accord...
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