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A very happy, healthy and mindful new year to you.

India is currently incubating its youngest, most mindful, eco-aware, pro organic generation. Driven by fears about food safety, a burgeoning community of concerned, conscious and mindful parents is increasingly replacing conventional foods with organic ones. Print and social media have, in recent years frequently exposed the ill effects of pesticides, while also disseminating awareness about the benefits of going organic. Aware parents have been taking note, spreading the word and teaching their children ‘good food’ from ‘bad food’. Read our Cover Story, ‘Conscious Parents’, on this very welcome and significant trend.

Are you aware the Government of India is on the verge of potentially approving cultivation of a genetically modified food crop (a herbicide tolerant mustard crop)? Such crops mean greater use of chemicals, with consequent health and environmental impacts such as the creation of ‘super weeds’ and unintended negative consequences on beneficial organisms like bees and butterflies. For consumers, this translates into higher levels of chemical residue in their foods. Do read our feature on Food Safety to learn ‘What You Ought to Know about GMOs’.

Goa’s melting pot, culturally diverse population and ‘Popular Vacation Destination’ status have made it home to an ebullient organic community. Its golden beaches, verdant landscape, and languid pace serve as an idyllic backdrop to the many organic and eco friendly enterprises that are being promoted by residents—mostly expats. Read about it in our Feature Story, ‘Goa Organic’.

In conclusion, we’d like to inform you, the Organic World Congress (OWC), the largest global event on organic farming, will take place in its 19th edition in November in India. Not only is this profound because we had to combat stiff competition from Russia, Brazil and China in order to bring the Congress home, but also this will be the first time in the history of the triennial event (since its inception in 1977) that it will be co-organised by the government of the host country. As Media Partner for OWC, we request you to join us in Delhi in November; please register at

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