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Dear Reader,

Diwali is a festival of hope, lights, celebration and gifting to loved ones. But rampant commercialisation and mindlessly following the Joneses has turned this auspicious season into a vapid charade of purchasing thoughtless (and unhealthy!) gifts, lighting crackers that throttle the environment and needlessly indulging in adulterated and toxic foods.

Indeed, many of us have been conditioned to believe Diwali is incomplete without the abovementioned idiocies—a notion at an arctic distance from the truth.

Each and every unproductive, unhealthy and pollutional activity can be replaced by productive, earth and body friendly exercises that are fun long term. Read our article on 7 Ways To Celebrate A Healthy & Eco Friendly Diwali in FEATURES for inspiration and ideas.

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s CHAMACOS study—the longest running longitudinal birth cohort study of pesticides and other environmental exposures among children in a farm worker community—has found maternal exposure to pesticides during pregnancy is associated with earlier labour, poorer neonatal reflexes, developmental disorders and increased risk of attention problems in children. The research also shows a link between organophosphate pesticide exposure and lower IQ at the school age. We thank Dr Jessica Shade of The Organic Center for bringing us this eye opening report.

Studies also indicate A1 milk can cause several health conditions including heart disease, type 1 diabetes and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). A2 milk, derived from indigenous cow breeds, is the safer and healthier alternative. It is a versatile and wholesome food, capable of catering for a spectrum of nutritional needs. Read about this safer milk variety in our segment, MILK!

Foodies, we bring you two exciting organic food reviews—Anokhi Café of Jaipur and Bakeart, a Delhi based vegan bakery. Learn how to make kombucha and natural liquid detergent at home, besides learning how to grow your very own lettuce. Organic Recipes, Interviews, Eco Tourism, Organic News—there’s lots to discover in this issue.

We’d like to inform you, the Organic World Congress (OWC), the world’s largest organic event, will take place in Delhi NCR from 9-11 November. This is the first time the Congress is being hosted in India and it is not likely to return for the next 50 years, being a triennial event traversing countries. OWC will take place on parallel with BIOFACH INDIA, the largest organic trade fair in the country (same venue, same dates).

While OWC will cater for the organic industry and organic farmers, BIOFACH INDIA will provide for business to business networking and will welcome the general public as well. So, if you’re someone who’s even remotely curious about organics or health, or if you are in any way involved in the organic/wellness/health & nutrition sector, this event is a Must Attend for you.

We look forward to receiving your opinions, feedback and queries. Wish you a very happy and healthy Diwali.

With Gratitude

Rutaksha Rawat

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