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Dear Reader,

Pure & Eco India is an unbiased platform, which does not own or possess stake in any company within the organic field. The publication is motivated solely by its larger mandate to present readers with facts.

Food safety issues have become an insidious presence in our country, with adulteration creeping across food categories. Do read our COVER STORY, ‘Ripe with Cancer & Other Horror Stories’, which illustrates how calcium carbide-treated mangoes, pesticidal spinach and toilet cleaner-ginger are just some of the modern day ghouls that haunt us today.

You must be aware the Government of India is on the verge of potentially approving commercial cultivation of genetically modified mustard. In COUNTERVIEW, read a passionate in-defence-of piece by Dr Deepak Pental, the inventor of GM Mustard, followed by an equally impassioned counterview by food sovereignty activist, Dr Vandana Shiva.

Read the inspiring rags-to-riches story of Khalil Rafati, who within a span of 14 years, transformed himself from a beggar and drug addict into an organic juice company millionaire.

We’d like to inform you, the Organic World Congress (OWC), the world’s largest organic event, is taking place in Delhi NCR in November. This is the first time the Congress will take place in India and it is not likely to return for the next 50 years as it is a triennial event traversing countries. OWC will take place on parallel with BIOFACH INDIA, the largest organic trade fair in the country.

While OWC will cater for the organic industry and organic farmers, BIOFACH will provide for business to business networking and will welcome the general public as well. So, if you’re even remotely curious about organics or health, or if you are in any way involved in the organic/wellness/health and nutrition sector, this event is a must attend for you.

We look forward to receiving your opinions, feedback and queries.

With Gratitude
Rutaksha Rawat

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