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In celebration of Auroville’s 50th anniversary and Maroma’s 40th year, the CEO of the Auroville-headquartered brand, Maroma, Paul Pinthon, hosted a candle exhibition in February 2018.

Mr Pinthon was impressed by the various colours of recycled wax stored in buckets and decided to work with wax and create unique candles. He was intrigued by the industrial aesthetic and wanted to marry two very different materials—wax and metal—together. This happened naturally while searching for a way to attach large pieces of wax to various shapes, forming sculptures by using metallic nuts, bolts and screws.

Mr Pinthon has been inspired by contemporary and classical artists alike, and these candles represent his homage to art’s great masters.

Maroma manufactures a wide range of fairtrade and natural home fragrances and vegan bodycare products, which are sold in India, and are also widely exported.

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