With a current organic retail market value of EUR 3,701 mn, China’s growing food safety concerns, increased disposable income and changing consumer behaviour have led to an epoch of organic in The People’s Republic, which, industry experts believe has only just begun.

“The organic food market in China is huge and a perennial shortage of supply can reach 30%. In 2015, the consumption market scale of Chinese organic agricultural products more than doubled to 59.4 bn RMB (from a prior 24.8 bn RMB) and this number is likely to continue its ascent. To feed the demand, certain organic foods will continue to rely on imports, especially organic dairy products, wine, chocolate, oats and sugar. Especially in demand are Indian Darjeeling tea, organic sugar, rice and spices, which are facing shortage in the HORECA sector here”

Wendy Wei, Project Director, Organic & Green Food Industry Expo, Beijing, on prevalent market needs

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