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Dear Reader,

You know Organic Food is good for you but do you know how to identify it, especially fruits and vegetables? Read 5 Ways to Identify Organic Foods to arm yourself with some knowhow.

Summer’s here and the most pleasurable way to combat soaring temperatures is to chow down on some ice cream. But does the mango ice cream you enjoy so much really contain mango or is the real fruit playing truant, proxied by a sugary syrup? Is that added colour that makes your strawberry scoop blush? How much preservative and essence are lurking in your vanilla cup? Ever wondered?

Just in case you’re the sort who likes real foods in their goodies, read Cool & Artisanal Ice Creams, which lists some of the boutique ice cream brands in the country. The ice creams featured are made in small batches, and are handcrafted and devoid of preservatives and food colours. With real fruits and other real ingredients in them. Real!

Did you know there’s a jet black Indian chicken breed called the Kadaknath that commands a high price in the market due to its many medicinal properties? Read about it in Black Beauty.

Join us on a tour of Aman Bagh, an organic and artisanal farm in Dhaud, Haryana, which houses 1500 organic trees and a bevy of farm animals. Learn how to make Rustic Bread from scratch, and understand why Vegan Cosmetics are Trending these days. Do not miss our feature on the oft ignored Sattu, our very own indigenous superfood. Do give it a chance this summer!

Lastly, ladies, please read 10 Reasons to Switch to Menstrual Cups to learn why ditching the pad is a safer and cheaper option.

We look forward to receiving your letters and feedback.

With Gratitude

Rutaksha Rawat


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  1. Preeti

    What is the difference between e-magazine and print? Matter is same?

    • Web Team

      Thank you for your comment. Content is the same for both versions. The only difference is price.

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