(Pictured above: A Kenyan baker at the Koptigei Cooperative pulling out freshly baked bread from a solar-reliant oven)

GoSol.org has prepared an energy revolution, the epicentre of which is Kenya, where the organisation helps entrepreneurs build solar concentrators to fuel their businesses. With GoSol’s simple, scalable solar thermal technology people anywhere in the world can harvest and use energy for free, without air pollution, independent of electric power or fuel availability because solar concentrators are the number one technology for a direct solar economy.

The seed phase was facilitated by Weconomy, Suomen World Vision and World Vision Kenya. GoSol.org’s technology uses locally available materials—mainly steel and mirrors—to concentrate sunlight into one focus point and create heat.

The organisation’s goal is to ensure that within 10 years the 2.7 bn people, who currently depend on wood, charcoal or other polluting fuel gain access to clean and free energy. The company is soon to release its publication, ‘SolBook’, which will contain core technical knowledge on how to build a global solar economy.


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