Quondam Miss India and distinguished Bollywood actress, Neha Dhupia, consumes only natural, organic and Ayurvedic products. Anshika Ajmera Chhabra had a tête à tête with the classic beauty


What kind of Organic foods do you buy?

I purchase most of my Organic stuff online. They have over 1,000 Organic products on offer—from kajal and dal to atta and the whole gamut. And not just those. I also buy Organic vegetables, fruits and other ingredients for my kitchen. I am proud that I never eat any processed or preserved food and always choose to buy fresh, natural and Organic.

How is the Organic food scene abroad?

Internationally, especially in European and North American countries, people have adopted Organic foods as their staple. While awareness of Organic and natural health is still in its incipient stages in India, it’s definitely growing fast. Now, we have Organic and vegan foods, spa getaways, farm fresh milk and eggs, natural make up, and even yoga mats being made here locally—all the products associated with health and wellness.

As far as I am concerned, it’s been many years since I’ve been following an Organic diet under my dietician’s guidance.

People in India should make a conscious shift to Organic food and not just because they think it’s ‘cool’ or the ‘in thing’ to do. They must understand that Organic food is not good for us because it’s low fat, it’s good for us because its pesticide free and completely natural, and therefore, healthier for our bodies. Truly, there is a lot of scope for all of us to go Organic and make it a lifestyle!

Do you use Organic cosmetics and bath and body products as well?

I follow Ayurveda religiously and rarely use cosmetics. Instead, I love natural products­­­­. For example, I love coconut and sesame oil for my body. So, my cosmetics come from grocery stores!

Green tea, coffee or masala chai?

I always drink green tea in the morning, usually Dilmah green tea or Twinings. But there is this new Tea Trunk brand that I have switched to and have grown rather fond of these days.

Do you consume cold pressed juice cleanses?

Cold pressed juices aren’t something that I swear by, as I am someone who opts for natural, fresh food, rather than something that has been preserved for days. I like to concoct my own juices, especially a green juice with green apple and mint, and a red juice with apple and beetroot, or a pure pomegranate juice with chia seeds.

How does yoga and meditation help you?

Oh! Well, yoga and meditation complete me as a person. I can’t stay a day without yoga or meditation, or both. It helps me commune with my mind, body and soul. And yes, once in a while when I get lost in work, I take the time out to visit my ashram*, the Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Center in Lonavala, which is also one of the oldest yoga ashrams in the country.

Please share with us your upcoming projects.

I have two releases lined up– one is a comedy called Santa Banta helmed by Akashdeep Sabir and co starred by Boman Irani and Lisa Haydon. The other is a thriller titled, Moh Maya Money, directed by Munish Bhardwaj, and slated to be released by the end of this year. Besides, I also have a series of American shows coming up for which I’ll be flying out soon, which also means eating a lot more Organic food. I’m stoked!

Your message to the youth?

Choose Organic food. Not because the world is opting for it, but because you understand that at the core it’s healthy and will serve you well. Make it a way of life just like I have! Tia*!

*Ashram: A religious retreat

*Tia: Slang for ‘Thanks in Advance’

This Interview appeared in the October 2015 issue of Pure & Eco India


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