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◊ By Misha Bhatia

Do you feel guilty about the CO2 emissions your air travel is causing? YourTravelSecretary plants a tree for every ticket it books

YourTravelSecretary (YTS) is an International Air Transport Association (IATA)-accredited travel management company based in Gurugram. Besides providing seamless, sublime holidays, YTS is committed, in equal measure, to the environment and to this end, we undertake to create awareness amongst travellers and promote sustainable tourism through our ‘One Traveller, One Tree’ programme.

Travel has many positive aspects to it. It brings the world closer and encourages peaceful coexistence; it enables us to celebrate the rich cultural diversity the world has to offer, breaks down barriers and changes perceptions. But there’s no denying there are also negative impacts that cannot be prevented, such as non-renewable fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and climate change. Taking cognisance of this grim reality and in order to create awareness about these issues, the United Nations (UN) declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, emphasising the importance of tourism and, in particular, Sustainable Tourism.

“YourTravelSecretary’s unique ‘One Traveller, One Tree’ programme helps travellers counter their negative carbon footprint. For every long haul flight that clients take, we plant a tree sapling and nurture it to full growth”


We, at YTS, embrace and support this move of the UN wholeheartedly, and have come up with the unique ‘One Traveller, One Tree’ programme to aid the same. Through this programme we help travellers counter their negative carbon footprint. For every long haul flight that our patrons embark upon, we plant one tree sapling and nurture it to full growth.

Every time you travel with us, you will be provided with a certificate confirming your booking has contributed to the conception of a tree and the planted sapling will bear a tag with your name and signature. Patrons can also track the growth and wellbeing of their tree over the years through intermittent photo submissions from YTS bearing witness to the varying stages of growth of the tree.

Our motivation in executing this programme is multifold. Trees are the best legacy to leave behind for the following generations, far more significant than commercial assets in that they give us the very air we breathe!

Trees add to the greening of our surroundings and check serious environmental issues such as soil erosion, drought and global warming.Furthermore, they release huge amounts of oxygen, which is fast becoming a valuable resource as pollution levels continue to escalate. With this afforestation drive, we envisage an increased forest cover in India within the next 5 years, which will not only help curb the problem of air pollution, but also will rejuvenate the country’s ecosystem. Let us not trash our resources and instead cherish the bounties of the Earth. Let us resolve to be responsible custodians of it!


The Internet is a double edged sword, proving to be both boon and bane. People are often tempted by unbelievable deals and offers that are abundantly available online, advertising that perfect holiday at throwaway prices. But in their obsession with trying to score the cheapest flight tickets, people often ignore the true cost of these ‘great’ deals—the harm they’re causing to the environment.

For this very reason, YTS has opted to keep the human connection alive while planning your holidays. Forgoing the automation route, we prefer to understand your preferences and specific requirements in person to offer you the perfect holiday or business trip. This stance has garnered us a loyal tribe of travellers, who revisit us for every new trip.


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The author is Director, YourTravelSecretary, a leading travel agency in Delhi NCR promoting sustainable tourism

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