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Pukka Herbs, maker of delicious organic herbal teas, is joining Unilever in a deal that gives it new levels of global opportunity and ethical and environmental influence around the world. Unilever, which through its own Sustainable Living Plan, is a leader in social and environmental change, embraces Pukka’s herbal expertise, uncompromising standards and deep rooted values.

Bristol-based Pukka began in 2001, with Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole, sharing a mission to connect people with the incredible power of plants and herbs for healthier living and a healthier planet.

Sixteen years later, Pukka is the fastest growing organic tea company in the world; 1.5 bn Pukka teas have been enjoyed, each made with 100% certified organic and ethically traded ingredients.

“Choosing Unilever came down to scale and sustainability. It is a leader in calling for business to act as a force for good. It welcomes our herbal knowledge and wants us to influence positively from within. Pukka will remain true to its values—100% organic, a B Company, a champion for fair trading through pioneering schemes like Fair for Life, and we will continue to donate 1% of sales to global environmental charities annually,” comments Sebastian Pole, Pukka co founder and master herbsmith.

“Pukka has strong values and a clear purpose that aligns fully with our own sustainable growth model. Both of us believe in business being a force for good in society. Tim and Sebastian have cultivated Pukka into a successful business without ever compromising ingredients or their ideals,” says Kevin Havelock, Unilever’s Refreshment Category President.

Unilever will run Pukka as a separately managed business entity. Pole and Westwell will remain at the heart of Pukka, protecting its philosophy and values.

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