Award winning Clinical Nutritionist and author, Dr Ishi Khosla, answers your health and nutrition queries

Dear Dr,

I have been diagnosed with celiac disease and have been advised to eat gluten free foods. But I’m finding it very difficult to give up on pizza, which I love to indulge in every other week. Could you recommend a gluten free alternative that can be as delicious?

Sagarika Arora, 18, New Delhi

Dr Khosla: Of course. There are plenty of gluten free flours out in the market today. You can bake your own pizza bases using any of them and make your favourite pizza right at home. In case you find that too cumbersome, there are lots of options for readymade pizza bases that are gluten free available in the market. There are dedicated outlets and even online shops that sell gluten free foods nowadays. And not only pizza bases, but they also stock up on other goodies such as biscuits, cookies, buns, etc. There is absolutely no way you should eat pizza made of regular wheat flour if you have celiac disease. But the good news is, you have plenty of options.

Dear Dr,

Which superfoods should I eat everyday to slow the ageing process?

Irene Duque, 35, London

Dr Khosla: A generally healthy diet with all food groups and varieties of foods is likely to ensure your body gets everything it needs. You can also add berries, nuts, seeds, kale, broccoli, soya and probiotic foods to supplement your diet.

Dear Dr,

My wife and I have started drinking red wine every evening as a health exercise. What quantity do you recommend per day? We are relatively healthy but my wife does have blood sugar.

Sanjay Chaddha, 44, Chandigarh

Dr Khosla: No more than 150 ml is necessary if you are drinking it daily.

Dear Dr,

I lost 10 kilos in 2013 but have piled it all back on. Now, I find that it is harder to lose weight even though I’m following the exact same diet and exercise regime as before! Please advise.

Sandeep Verma, 52, Kolkata

Dr Khosla: First of all, please do not follow a diet you cannot sustain. Going on and off diets can lead to serious health issues besides making you obese, especially at your age. I highly recommend you consult a good nutritionist to help guide you. Further, I would like to recommend you start doing Yoga every day. It really impacts the mind and body if done regularly. I especially recommend Kapal Bhati for half hour per day. This asana is known for its weight loss qualities besides generating other health benefits. And no more yo yo dieting.

Dear Dr,

My 60-year-old mother is a staunch vegetarian with mild arthritis. I have been trying to feed her fish oil capsules to lubricate her joints but she will have none of it. Please recommend a vegetarian option for omega 3 that is as rich as fish oil.

Arunima Naidu, 33, Bengaluru

Dr Khosla: You can give her ground flax seeds, fenugreek seeds, green leafy vegetables and mustard oil.


Dr Ishi Khosla is a clinical nutritionist, writer, researcher & founder of She’s also founder, Whole Foods India; & founder president, Celiac Society of India. A member of the governing body of Lady Irwin College, Delhi University, Dr Khosla is also author of  ‘Is Wheat Killing You?’ and ‘The Diet Doctor’. Recent recognitions include the ‘Women Achievers’ award in the field of nutrition by The Imperial & Cancer Patient Aids Association, India

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